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About the logo


For future generations

The logo is based on the kagura, which is passed down in five towns and villages, and symbolizes the presence of Japanese mythology.

Located at the center is shide, used for rituals.This is surrounded by various shapes and colors that each have their own story to tell.
"The transition of nature that arises from field burning" (orange, green)
"Tea fields lined up in an orderly fashion" (green)
"Terraced rice fields throughout the seasons" (blue, green, orange)
"Colorful mosaic forests" (shades created by various colors)

The logo represents the hope that by combining kagura with different motifs, the bond between people and the environment, climate, and culture will be passed down.

Using the logo

The logo will be used not only for notices and events from the GIAHS Takachihogo-Shiibayama Site Revitalization Council. It can also be used for various pamphlets, posters, and name cards. Please note that permission must be obtained before use.
For more information, please see "Logo Use Terms" and "Logo Manual."

Please download and fill out the application below and submit to the general counter.

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